Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Life Before Me by Norah McClintock @orcabook

My Life Before Me
Norah McClintock
Orca Books

I was given an advanced reading copy of Norah McClintock's novel in the latest Secrets series.  As one of  the seven authors in this YA series she created a likable character in Cady who is determined to make something of herself despite the obstacles she faces. I feel that this book would be a great way to introduce many societal issues such as racism and prejudices both against African Americans and women.
I would enjoy reading this to a grade 7/8 class as they would notice the inequities that teenage girls faced in the 1960's.  I also couldn't help but make real life connections to today's news headlines.  I know students would also be able to ask better questions about racial relations after reading this novel as it helps to provide background knowledge.
The mystery Cady solves is expertly written.  It is well paced and there are enough details to engage readers.  I now have to find out more about Nellie Bly!  Once again I thoroughly enjoyed Norah's talent as a writer of mysteries.

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