Wednesday, 6 May 2015

We Are All Made of Molecules by @susinnielsen @randomhousekids

We Are all Made of Molecules
Susin Nielsen
Random House

I once again really enjoyed Susin's use of humour when she tells stories that are full of angst and emotion. The blending of families is never easy and Susin describes the coming together of two very different families in a sensitive and entertaining way.  I think that many students would enjoy the read and also learn more about the hardships that some kids go through at the expense of their parents's actions.  As a fan of Susin Nielsen I always enjoy how she manages to add a few cameos of past characters into her books. For a moment I forget that the characters aren't real people!
I feel that students in Grade 7 and 8 would enjoy this book and also be able to make some deep personal connections to their own lives.  Susin creates empathy for her characters with her writing style that is not lost on her readers of any age.

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