Monday, 4 May 2015

Thief of Glory by @BrouwerSigmund and @WaterBrookPress

Sigmund Brouwer
Thief of Glory
Water Brook Press

I found this young adult novel compelling because of the the author's description of the characters and the very realistic setting descriptions.   The events in this novel, although fictionalized, are set in Indonesia during World War II. For the three years of Japanese occupation of Indonesia many Dutch citizens were housed in concentration camps.   I was immediately interested in the life of Jeremiah as he and his family struggle to survive the war.  I learned a great deal about the camps and now I have more questions about what it must have been like to have been a camp survivor.
I read the novel in one day and the twist at the end of the book was a surprise to me.
Although this novel addressed very difficult content, Sigmund's storytelling strength was to tell a compelling story of hope despite the many hopeless moments described.  There are many examples of sacrifice and readers soon see that all are affected at war time not just the men who had to work in camps.  I think high school students would enjoy this novel and gain a better understanding of the hardships of war.

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