Monday, 26 January 2015

The Most Magnificent Thing by @ashleyspires and @KidsCanPress #forestofreading #makerspaces

The Most Magnificent Thing
Ashley Spires
Kids Can Press

The recently nominated picture book by Ashley Spires demonstrates the growth mindset and maker concepts beautifully as it depicts a girl trying to create the next best idea.  The main character struggles with her invention prototypes.  She must use grit, perseverance and go through a moment of frustration during her learning process.  It is a great example of the growth mindset: that learning is hard work and that there will be obstacles to overcome along the way.
I also recognize this girl as a "maker" as she tinkers and receives feedback from others in her learning journey.  I think this book is a great introduction to the idea of makerspaces as well.
The illustrations are engaging and primary aged children reading this for the Blue Spruce nomination will enjoy the story.  I think it is also a great way to explain a growth mindset and the maker concept to students and teachers in the junior grades too. This is a great addition to have in a school library.

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