Saturday, 24 January 2015

Blue Gold by Elizabeth Stewart @AnnickPress @iearn

Blue Gold
Elizabeth Stewart
Annick Press

This novel, written for young adults, would be a perfect read aloud in a grade 7/8 class as it is written from three perspectives.  The first perspective is that of a teenage girl from Vancouver who wants the latest cell phone and the other two girls' perspectives come from China and the Congo who are directly affected by the demand of the Smart phone industry.  I enjoyed the way the author wove their three stories together and I learned a great deal about how my purchases here in Canada may be affecting the lives of those who have less rights and opportunities in their own countries.  I quickly connected to the characters and wanted to know how they were doing even when I wasn't reading the book.  The book deals with digital citizenship, workers rights and helps us to understand migration issues,  These topics are all important to discuss with our students.  I think this book could lead to valuable and authentic learning and might encourage students to collaborate globally. Organizations like Iearn (  would be an excellent venue to take their learning and questions even further.

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