Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada @liveinspired

What Do You Do With An  Idea?
Kobi Yamada
Compendium Inc.

This picture book is beautifully written and illustrated.  When I have given it to colleagues to read they too are amazed. Some shed a tear, or get goosebumps as they read the words and carefully observe the detail in the artwork.  Some simply smile in agreement with the statements contained within the pages.   When I first read Kobi's words  I was thinking that it is an excellent example of the growth mindset concept being adopted in our school district.  I also thought that it is a valuable reminder that all great ideas always have to first start out as a small thought.
Each time I reread the book I find I make more connections to it depending on my focus at the time.  For example, I spoke with a group of teachers yesterday and explained how it might be a great way to start an inquiry unit.  Today I am thinking that I need to slow down and really observe the students who might appear as "diamonds in the rough" who need our nurturing and attention to blossom.
This book works as a read aloud with students and adults.  I make more connections to the text as I read it to different audiences.  It is truly an enjoyable read aloud at any age.
Who knows, maybe this book just might change the world?

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