Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Morven and the Horse Clan by Luanne Armstrong @greatplainspub

Morven and the Horse Clan
Luanne Armstrong
Great Plains Publications

Luanne Armstrong's historical novel about an adolescent girl was an enjoyable read. I never imagined how the first people might have tamed wild horses to help them thrive.  I loved the way Luanne describes Morven's love of horses and eventually how she learns to communicate with animals although she struggles to communicate with humans.  I learned a lot about the life and survival activities of the people from reading this historical fiction and I appreciate how difficult life was for those living in the Plains in 3500 BC. Because the book is written in the first person, I felt  I gained some insight into her beliefs and dreams of what she wanted to do with her life.  I enjoyed Morven's strength and courage especially when she helps and protects her tribe. I think readers will learn everyone is important and valuable no matter how different they may feel around others.
This novels's main message is that you can be successful if you stay true to yourself.  I like this idea and I think that it shows that it takes a lot of work to stay true to yourself but it is worth it. Adolescents and adults alike, all need to realize that things will get better if we persevere.


  1. This book takes place in what is today Kazakhstan, not North America. It has nothing to do with First Nations people.

    There were no modern horses in North America until the Spaniards brought them here about 5000 years after this book is set.

  2. Thanks since I knew it was a Canadian author and I was influenced by the book cover illustrations I thought it was set in North America. Thanks for correcting me;)