Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ultra by David Carroll @writerunrepeat and @scholasticCDA

David Carroll

I reluctantly started this book so I could conference with a student. I did not expect to like it as I am not an enthusiast of marathon running.  I was wrong!  The story is told in two ways; partly as an interview and partly as a flashback narrative of Quinn's (the main character) experience. The story includes all of the physical and emotional challenges of running an ultra marathon from this teenager's point of view.  I learned a great deal about the motivations behind running such a race.  I really enjoyed the way the author introduces the various types of athletes who participate in these non-traditional events as Quinn participates in the 24 hour race.  I think middle grade readers would really enjoy this story and it's a great addition to my library as it depicts the participation in an individual sport.

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