Monday, 17 June 2013

Student blogger about a Silver Birch book

The Shadows that Rush Past
Rachel Qitsualik
Inhabit Media

by Olivia

Well first off the entire introduction was beautiful. I loved how Rachel (the author) told about the Inuit people and their culture. It also highlights how the Inuit culture was affected by the government. 

Now in the first story Rachel talks about the old lady who kidnaps children. Well I found that very interesting e.g. how it unfolded. To me it just felt very natural like with the curse and bunting. I also liked how Rachel explained everything I was always able to make a picture in my head. 

In the second story, about the black bear people, I thought it related most to what I thought Inuit's folktales would be like. What reminded me was how the man tricked the she-ahkla. Now since I don't want to ruin the surprise all I will say is he connected with the earth. 

With the third story I thought it was more boring than the other stories because this story felt too fake to me than the others.  I could see it happening but this one I couldn't visualize clearly.

Well our last story was very scary (mahaha). I  think that it would be read to little kids as a scary story . I definitely felt this story was my favorite by a mile. 

All in all I loved the stories and not only could you see it happening in your head you could also imagine it happening right in front of you. 
That is what I thought of ……………………….The Shadows That Rush Past. 

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