Monday, 17 June 2013

Silver Birch reader student guest blogger

Becky Citra
Orca Books

Imagine moving constantly to a new school. That’s how Thea lived. She lived as the outsider looking in on life. After school she met her dad at his work. From the booth where she sat doing homework, she saw a man with a cowboy hat walking in. he walked up to Thea’s father and gave him a business card. They went to the guest ranch and accepted the job but didn’t move. They stayed at the guest ranch. Thea was helping Tully (the man with the cowboy hat) clean. While cleaning she found a guest book. In the guest book was a newspaper clipping. Thea was reading it and found out that there was a missing girl named Livia. That’s where the mystery began...

This is a phenomenal book by Becky Citra. It’s the best mystery book I’ve ever read. The book starts very quick. You don’t have to wait to get to the good parts. It also has a lot of surprises at the end. It is currently my favourite book. I would suggest you read it and if you like is you should also read “Never to Be Told.”

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