Monday, 17 June 2013

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Neil flambe and the Crusader's Curse
Kevin Sylvester
Key Porter Books

by Mateo

I read the book Neil Flambé and the Crusaders Curse. I thought it was an amazing book for all ages to read. One of my favorite things that were in the book was how they had the Flambés from all different time periods from 1291 to 2013, that’s 712 years of family history! They told how the Flambés were at the top of their game but suddenly they lose all their will to cook.
The next best thing was the food. All of the food from Chez Flambés sounded amazing. Kevin was able to make me visualize the food he described.  I could see the food right on the dish and almost taste it. It was just so gourmet; I loved it.
The characters were pretty fun to read about.  I really liked to read about Neil Flambé who was the main character.  I liked how his personality was written; how he is an overachiever and way over his head about cooking. This is a very entertaining and very educational book for young readers to read. Kevin Sylvester is an amazing author. I recommend this to many.      

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