Monday, 17 June 2013

another great post by a Silver Birch reader

Andreas Schroeder
Annick Press

by Zakiy

Duped is an amazing book by Andreas Schroeder. There are eight true stories of people deceiving others mostly for money. I highly recommend this book for everyone.

One of the stories is about a broadcast that had been played on the radio and convinced people that Martians (aliens from Mars) are invading the world. Little did the people know this was just a play and the whole crisis was unnecessary! People freaked out and some went to the hospital because of heart attacks and others armed themselves and shot anything that looked like Martians for example, clouds or humans.  The people were just unaware that the whole thing was fake. After the havoc, Orson Wells said he was only making a good play and nothing was his fault.

I’m personally more interested in fantasy and  fiction books although I loved this book because it was so interesting. There was a lot of detail and the idea of the book made it very attention grabbing. Now I will read non-fiction more often because Duped got me hooked into it.

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