Wednesday, 26 June 2013

more student bloggers about Silver Birch books

The Dead Kid Detective Agency
Evan Munday
ECW Press

This is from Ashly a Grade 6 student At Trillium Woods.

October Schwartz is only thirteen and has done more than you think. She befriended five dead kids that happen to live behind her backyard, had a cafeteria fight, crazy teachers, real estate meetings and amongst it all an insane investigation that might get October in a lot of trouble.
October is also in high school and she has a wild adventure trying to survive it and literally trying to survive is harder than you think. If you like Nancy Drew and other mystery stories I strongly recommend this book to you.  The point of view is by October, and it is an easy read. This book is a mystery by Evan Munday.  I liked how Evan kept me guessing at the end of each chapter and how the mystery unfolded.
Is this book your genre and are you curious enough to read it?

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