Monday, 17 June 2013

A student's Silver Birch blog post

Dragon Seer's Gift
Janet McNaughton
Harper Collins

By: Jessica.W.

Gwyn was like any average kid. He didn’t like school, not that he was any good at it. That was until the heritage fair gave his parents hope that he was doing better. It all happened when he picked up the key. He hunted with Maddie for hours and finally solved the mystery. As he stood by the lake, Gwyn looked and saw the silhouette that he loved so much fly away over the horizon. He suddenly felt tears stinging his eyes and a strong clenching pain in his chest. That was the last time he ever saw hermit as he plummeted through the surface of the frozen lake never to be seen again….

I thought that ‘Dragon Seer’s Gift’ was a well written book about a young boy learning what is really important in life. Gwyn learns the lesson of “if you love something let it go, and if it loves you it will come back. If it doesn’t come back it was never yours.” This book is filled with love, humor, and touching moments. 

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