Saturday, 9 April 2016

Born With Erika & Gianni by @lornasn @ClockwisePress

Born With Erika & Gianni
Lorna Schultz Nicolson
Clockwise Press

The is the second novel in the One-2-One series by Lorna Schultz Nicolson and it does not disappoint!  Just like her Fragile Bones novel, this story revolves around another pair of students from the Best Buddies program in a fictional high school.  I really enjoyed how the novel alternated between the first hand experiences of Erika a student with Down Syndrome and Gianni a student struggling with his sexual identity.   The characters lead complicated but realistic lives and the supporting characters are also well developed.   I learned a lot more about adolescent life from these first person perspectives. I have more empathy and understanding about how it might feel to be a student in high school today.  This book portrayed teenage angst in a hopeful way and I hope there is a third book on the way!?
I feel this book should be on the shelves of all high schools to encourage inclusiveness and understanding for all.

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