Monday, 28 July 2014

The Wolf and Me by @richardscrimger @orcabook

The Wolf and Me
Richard Scrimger
Orca Books Publisher

I enjoyed the ARC version of the sequel to the popular SEVEN series by Richard Scrimger.  He has managed to get his poor confused character Bunny into trouble again.  His adventures and plot details are unpredictable! I am quite curious to read how Ted Staunton might tie his book to this novel? I really appreciate that Bunny has become a better spelling since the last novel and I think this will help students grasp plot details more easily.  Sometimes I had to read the passages aloud for more clarification to solve a few puzzling passages.  Having to figure out what's going on in a few places helped me to relate to Bunny's struggles in the story.  This sequel was as entertaining as the first Bunny adventure.  I think Richard Scrimger captures a young teen's voice perfectly. I think this humorous story will be well received by teachers and students this fall.

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