Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review of @ericRwalters novel Rule of 3 @PenguinCanada

The Rule of Three
Eric Walters
Penguin Canada

Not another dystopia book I first thought to myself but I really enjoyed Eric Walters' version of the dystopian genre because it really felt like realistic fiction.  The author's fast pace and his attention to details captured my interest in the first chapter.  I quickly finished the book and cannot wait for the sequel! I loved that the setting is really describing parts of Toronto and that the older neighbour is the mastermind behind their survival plans.  There is enough mystery to keep the reader guessing and the characters are so likeable that I want them to survive this national wide or possibly world wide disaster that has fallen upon them.  I feel that I should build a survival kit after reading this novel because the situation seems so plausible.  I have already recommended this to adults and teens and those who have read it all come back hoping that I have the sequel -but alas I do not. This would certainly appeal and engage readers who enjoy realistic or adventure genres.

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