Monday, 22 April 2019

Don't Tell the Enemy by @MarshaSkrypuch @scholasticCDA #forestofreading #redmaple

Don't Tell the Enemy
Marsha Skrypuch

This novel was a difficult read for me because of the way Marsha Skrypuch described the factual events of her family's history within a historical fiction framework.  After reading this novel I wanted to learn more about the Russian treatment of Ukrainians after World War 2.  I knew very little about this time in history and this historical fictional novel helped me to gain more insight and empathy into the lives of others.  This is not a suitable read for sensitive readers but the atrocities described need to be told so that we understand the history.  Marsha bravely told her family story in a direct way.  I think it was a great choice for Red Maple readers because there are many readers who are ready to read compelling tales of post-war tragedies.

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