Friday, 20 November 2015

A Dose of Lucky by Marthe Jocelyn @scissorhouse @orcabook

A Dose of Lucky
Marthe Jocelyn

I really enjoyed Marthe's contribution to the Secrets series because she chose a very interesting topic to discuss.  This book takes place in small town Ontario in 1964. It follows the fictional character, Malou as she traces her family history.  She has the most unique beginnings of all of the seven books!  Malou discovers that she is part of a much bigger family when she learns about a secretive experiment.  I learned a lot by reading this novel.  It was interesting to think about the small town attitudes of 1964.  I feel that Grade 7 or 8 students will enjoy the genuine and realistic nature of the characters. Many great questions will percolate from the minds of the readers after reading this book.

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