Wednesday, 26 June 2013

student blog post for Silver Birch Book

Cat Found
Ingrid Lee
Chicken House

For Silver Birch I read the book Cat Found. It is about a boy named Billy who lives in a town that is infested with stray cats. Billy’s dad hates them so when Billy adopts one from the street it’s not going to be easy to hide him. Throughout the story Billy runs into some obstacles with the cat. Can Billy hide the cat from his dad?

My thoughts on the book are that it was an okay book. I didn’t like it that much, but it was a book to read. For me it was an easy read it wasn’t tough. The author wrote another book like Cat Found, I wouldn’t love to read it.

If I had to recommend the book I recommend the book to people who like books with animals and for people who just need a book to read. I wouldn’t read it again. I also
e-mailed the author, I haven’t received anything back yet.

By Logan

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